MT Flex/PIN Quality Award Program

Hospitals must meet all criteria during the grant year to qualify. The grant year is September 1 – August 31. By meeting the criteria listed below your hospital demonstrates leadership, community, willingness to share with peers and a commitment to improvement.

Criteria for the 2021-2022 has been updated.  Criteria is below.

Quality Awards21-22

Performance Improvement Project Submission (will open late June)

Quality Program of the Year Submission (will open late June)

2021 Recipients

Montana PIN Quality Awards Winners

  • Barrett Hospital & HealthCare -Improving Sepsis Care
  • Bitterroot Health-Daly Hospital- Improving and Streamlining the COVID-19 Screening and Testing Process
  • Clark For Valley Hospital- Improving Readmission Rates
  • Community Hospital of Anaconda-Improving HCAHPS Survey Response Rates
  • Central Montana Medical Center-Building a Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) Program
  • Daniels Memorial Healthcare Center- Reducing Patient Falls
  • Fallon Medical Complex- Reducing Patient Falls
  • Holy Rosary Healthcare- Improving ED Transfer Communications
  • Logan Health-Shelby-Improving Patient Satisfaction in Medication Education
  • Logan Health-Conrad-Improving ED Transfer Communications
  • Logan Health-Whitefish- Reducing Patient Falls
  • Roundup Memorial Healthcare-Improving Discharge Instructions
  • Sidney Health Center- Improving ED Transfer Communication
  • St. Luke Community Healthcare- Improving Readmission Rates
  • Wheatland Memorial Healthcare- Reducing Patient Falls

Award Recognition

  • Recognition at the MHA Fall Convention during the Chairman’s Welcome Reception and Awards Celebration
  • Plaque with facility name and date of award. Plaques distributed and pictures taken at the DON/QIC Regional Meetings held in October.
  • Recognition in the PIN Newsletter, PIN Website, and MHA Weekly Newsletter.
  • Press kit, press release and photos taken at regional meetings provided for hospital marketing.
  • Quality Program of the Year recipient will receive on-stage recognition by MHA President and photo op during the MHA Annual Convention General Session.


  • Use the provided to help track your progress.
  • Official tracking done by MT Flex. Status updates provided quarterly.


Contact Lindsay Konen at [email protected] or 406-457-8002.