Inpatient Emergency Department Throughput

Data Submission & Deadlines

Flex Programs are adding Inpatient ED-1 and ED-2 [ED throughput for admitted patients] to the required measure set for MBQIP.   The first quarter of reporting will be 3Q 2017, due February 15 2018 to CART/QNet.  These measures compliment current outpatient ED throughput measures and are very applicable to CAHs due to ED volumes.


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Inpatient ED Throughput Abstraction Training

Inpatient ED Throughput Specifications Manual (2017 Cases)

1Q 17 – 4Q 17Inpatient ED Throughput Paper Tool

CART Instructions:

  • Before entering data, go to “Provider”
  • Preferences for your facility will appear on the right.   Select the time period for 2017 from the Time Period drop down.
  • Check IQR-ED and IQR-IMM and the Save icon in the upper left.
  • Go to Patient, and begin process of entering a new abstraction.
    • Choose IQR-ED as the Measure set first.
    • Choose to “Enable/disable questions appropriately” on question 1 and enter the IP ED abstraction data.
    • Choose Save.  It will ask if you want to duplicate this record – Choose OK.   This will prefill information for IMM-2 abstraction.
    • After you click OK a new abstraction box will pop up, choose IQR-IMM as the measure set and enter required IMM-2 data.   The specific IMM-2 question will only be fillable during flu seasons, but complete the available questions anyway to get reporting credit

Improvement Projects

None available at this time


*NEW* Patient Safety- Best Practices Toolkit- Cynosure Health

Inpatient ED Throughput Specifications Manual (2017 Cases)