ED Transfer Communications Cohort Project: 2017-18

Six facilities were invited to join with their CAH peers and the MT Flex Program in a focused Emergency Department Transfer Communications (EDTC) Improvement Project.  Participants actively contributed in the process of creating and testing new tools, resources and methods for improved documentation and communication during ED transfers.  Facilities selected for this project had struggled with consistently meeting the elements required for EDTC and so, by participating, were part of a team working towards reaching scores of 90% or higher on all EDTC composite measures.

Project Aim:  Develop efficient methods for collecting and abstracting EDTC data while streamlining ED workload.

Project Outcomes:  

  • Four Hospitals improved their average EDTC Scores from Quarters 3 & 4, 2017  by up to 25% in Quarter 2, 2018.  Two Facilities either remained at the same level or had a slight decrease in their overall performance.
  • Four of the facilities created new ED Transfer Summary tools or updated their existing tools to include all of the required elements for the EDTC measures
  • Two facilities had transfer flow sheets for ED Transfers built in as part of their EHR, so focused on improving work flow and consistency of completing the required documentation

Project Tools: