Swingbed Improvement Project – Stroudwater

Since 2018, MT Flex has partnered with Stroudwater Associates to join other state Flex programs in a project to improve the quality of care and establish relevant quality measures for CAH facilities with swing bed programs. Many Montana CAHs signed up for the data gathering and participation in the program and are seeing improvements in swing bed outcomes.   If you are interested in joining this project contact Lindsay for Stroudwater contact info.

Rationale:  CAHs are exempt from collecting swing bed quality measure data. As a result, they are not uniformly able to demonstrate the quality of care provided to their swing bed patients or compare it to national benchmarks. The lack of quality data for their swing bed services limits the ability of CAHs to participate in alternative payment models involving post-acute care.

Value to Providers: CAHs will be able to quantify the value of their swing beds programs from a clinical outcomes perspective by using a set of national rural hospital performance measures. This project provides a means to implement best practices, understand CAH-specific performance variances and monitor clinical effectiveness.

  • WHAT:  CAHs will be asked to collect and submit a set of performance data for all Swing Bed discharges for 12 months starting in October 2018
  • HOW: CAHs will enter patient data into a secure, web-based portal developed by Stroudwater. Benchmarks and analytics will be delivered through the portal.
  • WHEN: Participating CAHs received training and technical assistance for data collection during Summer 2018. Data collection began in October 2018 and has continued through 2019.
  • Swingbed Program- 2020-Continues with more education utilizing the data collected over the past 2 years