Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management (CPHRM)

CPHRM Prep Course for Certification

The Montana Flex Program believes in the importance of credentials to demonstrate an industry-wide standard of knowledge.  We also know that many staff in rural hospitals do not have the means to become credentialed and are frequently in positions from a “grow your own” path.   Credentialing provides staff with the confidence and skill set to do the job they work so hard doing and validate skills sets to the employer.

CPHRM (Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management) is the healthcare industries premier certification for risk management staff and is administered by the American Hospital Association. The CPHRM Prep Course learning cohort is brought to Montana CAHs by the MT Flex Program and is designed by Virginia Gleason with Compliance Plus Healthcare Solutions. This curriculum will provide learners with education on Risk Management 101 plus the information on the 5 key areas of the CPHRM Certification Exam.

This is an 8 week program consisting of a weekly 90-minute educational session and some reading homework.  Participants fully completing the program, will receive the necessary information to successfully sit for the CPHRM certification exam.

Applications and additional information will be released Fall 2020.

Please contact Jennifer Wagner ([email protected]) with questions.