Lean Healthcare

Montana State University Industrial & Management Systems Engineering (IMSE) program in collaboration with the MT Flex Grant selects two students to participate in a summer internship performing Lean Rapid Improvement Events in 6-8 Critical Access Hospitals across rural Montana.  Over each two-week event, students work in conjunction with hospital staff to apply their knowledge of Lean principles and tools towards a pre-determined improvement project within each facility.

What is Lean in Healthcare?

  • A systematic way of identifying value added and non-value added steps in every process and continuously eliminating waste so all work adds value and serves customer (patient) needs.

Why Lean in Healthcare?

  • Lean has gained momentum in Healthcare due to significant improvements in safety, quality, lead time, and financials through the application of Lean principles and tools. Lean engages all levels of the organization in the elimination of waste in all processes.

8 Types of Waste In Healthcare

MT Flex with MSU Industrial & Management Systems Engineering Program:  Lean Internship Rapid Improvement Events

All MT CAHs are eligible to participate in this innovative, successful project where MSU Industrial Engineering student interns conduct two-week rapid improvement events in your facility over the summer months. MT Flex has offered this popular program since 2011 and students have conducted over 65 rapid improvement events in most CAHs across the state. Sample projects include improving ER flow, central supply inventory control, assessing radiology productivity, improving OR turnaround times, improving dietary work flow, pharmacy inventory control… just to name a few. This can be a nice compliment to current Lean projects you may already have underway.

The application is simple but careful thought should be given to the project you select. These are 2-week rapid improvement events so projects must be to scale. Existing data is very important.

The application provides a complete description of the project. Application deadline is March 11. The application requires an Administrator’s signature for consideration.

Jamie Schultz, MT Flex Improvement Coordinator and Dr. Sobek, MSU IE&MS Engineering Program Director, will help scope your project and determine necessary data if need be. You can reach Jamie at 406.457.8016 or jamie.schultz@mtha.org

Applications for 2020 MSU/MT Flex Lean Internship Rapid Improvement Events Internship will be available in early 2020.