Financial & Operational Performance Improvement

Financial and operational improvement for MT CAHs is a goal of the MT Flex Grant. Hospital finance is a topic that affects and touches all CAH staff. In this section you will find educational presentations and facility submitted resources to help MT CAH staff understand and improve hospital finances.

Lean Internship Program 

Past Improvement Projects


CAHMPAS: Critical Access Hospital Measurement and Performance Assessment System

The Critical Access Hospital Measurement and Performance Assessment System makes it easy for CAH executives, State Flex Coordinators, and Federal staff to explore the financial, quality, and community-benefit performance of Critical Access Hospitals.  CAHMPAS provides graphs and data, which allow you to compare CAH performance for various measures across user-defined groups: by location, net patient revenue, or other factors. We encourage you to explore the nuances of the data and develop strategies to address CAH performance. We hope that this tool will help you make the most relevant performance comparisons, collaborate with peers, and effectively allocate funding.

CAH Finance 101
Best Practice Concepts in Revenue Cycle Management (Webinars are also available on this page.)
Charity Care and Uncompensated Care of Tax-Exempt Critical Access Hospitals


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Annual Coding Workshops (Click here to view all!)

Flex Finance Series 2016

2 Midnight Rule and Notice Act
Webinar Recording

Handout 1: Presentation
Handout 2: 2 Midnight Claim Review Guideline

501R for Tax-Exempt Hospital Organizations
Webinar Recording

Lowering Days in AR – CAH Best Practice Webinar Series

Part 1: Upfront Collections, Financial Clearance and Collection
Webinar Recording

Part 2: Don’t Leave Money on the Table
Webinar Recording

Translating Critical Access Hospital Finance Series

Translating Critical Access Hospital Finance
Webinar Recording

Managing Productivity in the Critical Access Hospital
Webinar Recording