Community Access to Mental Health First Aid Resources (CAMHFAR)

Purpose:  to bring together community members who are first contacts for those needing mental or behavioral health care to receive and promote Mental Health First Aid training and share mental health resources throughout their communities.

Local Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) will act as hosts and organizers for the CAMHFAR event in their community which involves an 8 hour Mental Health First Aid training course (split over 2 days) for up to 25 participants and a reception/luncheon for community partners following the training to compile resources and establish a plan for continued growth of mental and behavioral health support for its community members.

The MT Flex program and BHWET (Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training) will cover the costs for:  training for 20-25, food & beverages (for during the training & the reception) and any additional expenses related to travel for trainers and grant program staff.

The Critical Access Hospital’s responsibilities:

  • Provide a location for hosting a 20-25 person interactive training
  • Invite 20-25 community partners to participate in the training and reception (See Community Partners, below)
  • Invite any additional community partners to the reception that might not be attending the training
  • Host a 20-40 person reception/luncheon at the conclusion of the training to share resources and a discussion on future plans for community wide mental and behavioral health access.

Suggested Community Partners to invite to the event:

  • Schools:  Principals/ Vice Principals/ Counselors
  • Public Health:  County Health Nurse or Representative
  • Law Enforcement:  Leadership
  • Churches:  Ministers/ Youth group leaders
  • Veteran’s Groups:  Primary Contacts for veterans in the community
  • Long-term Care/ Senior Centers:  Leaders
  • Local Mental & Behavioral Health Providers
  • Primary Care Clinics: Providers/Leadership
  • EMS 
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Farm Bureau/Extension Office:  Program Outreach/ Health Contacts
  • Hospital:  CEO, Nurse & Physician Leadership, Social Workers
  • Tele- Mental-Health
  • Case Management Programs: Community Health Workers, home health
  • Alcoholics Anonymous or Drug/Alcohol Treatment Programs
  • Additional Partners

Resources for CAMHFAR:

Mental Health First Aid Flyer 

Questionnaire for Community Engagement

Invitation Letter for Community Partners