Outpatient Emergency Department Throughput

Outpatient ED Throughput Measures reflect patient satisfaction and a global view of ED performance.   Due to the high volume in CAH ED’s this is a prime measure for value based care.

Data Submission & Deadlines

Measure IDSubmit to:Encounter Period
Encounter Period
Encounter Period
Encounter Period
OP-18: Median time from ED arrival to ED departure for discharged ED patientsQualityNet via Outpatient CART or VendorMay 1, 2019August 1, 2019November 1, 2019February 1, 2019
OP-22: Patient left without being seenQualityNet via secure Log InMay 15, 2019**Submitted based on calendar year.

ED Throughput Sampling:

0-900 Population per Quarter

  • 63 – Quarterly Sample Size
  • 21 – Monthly Sample Size

901 + Population per Quarter

  • 96 – Quarterly Sample Size
  • 32 – Monthly Sample Size

Outpatient ED Throughput Measures Abstraction Training
ED Throughput Specifications (2018) (OP 18 & 20)
1Q 18- 4Q 18 ED Throughput Paper Abstraction Tool
Patient Left Without Being Seen Specifications Manual (OP-22)  *Use Payment Year 2020 for Calendar Year 2018 Occurrences*

Improvement Projects

ED Throughput MBQIP 2 Outcomes (2017)


* NEW* Outpatient Best Practices Toolkit- Cynosure Health

MT Performance (most recent quarter)

Improving Patient Flow and Reducing ED Crowding: A Guide for Hospitals

Emergency Severity Index (ESI): A Triage Tool for ED Care