National Health Safety Network (NHSN)

National Health Safety Network

The use of NHSN (National Health Safety Network) is quickly becoming a requirement for many programs supporting patient safety measures.   Currently MT Flex Program uses NSHN for Healthcare Worker Immunization and work on Antibiotic Stewardship.   In addition, MT DPHHS and HIIN utilize the program for Antibiotic Stewardship and other Patient Safety measures.

For facilities to fulfill the reporting requirements through NHSN, they must enroll in NHSN and activate the HPS (Healthcare Personnel Safety) and Patient Safety Components in NHSN. This page provides a compilation of materials to assist in enrolling and reporting in NHSN.  For further technical assistance please contact NHSN at


NHSN Enrollment

Enrollment Video (CDC) – The enrollment process overview begins at the 9:13 minute mark.

5 Step Enrollment for Acute Care Hospitals/Facilities: This link from NHSN includes training, registration, and SAMS registration.


Follow Components

Complete these instructions to follow the required NHSN components.

  1. Log into:  This will take you to the NHSN Landing Page
  2. Select any Component.
  3. On the left blue side bar choose Facility, then Add/Edit Component.
  4. Check Patient Safety and Healthcare Personnel Safety.
  5. You may be prompted to enter a contact for each component.  You can enter an existing user or add a user by:
    1. Click on Users on left blue side bar and then “Add”.
    2. Complete User ID (created by the facility), First Name, Last Name, Email.
    3. Save user and “Edit User Rights” screen will appear.  Confer appropriate rights.

Join the MHA Flex/HIIN User Group in NHSN

Join the MHA Flex User Group in NHSN: By joining the MHA Flex User group, you can eliminate and duplicate reporting for ongoing improvement activities driven by the Flex Grant.   This user group also applies to patient safety components of NHSN that are applicable to the MT HIIN project.