Trustee Education

One of the primary functions of the PIN is to support facility staff in educating others about performance improvement (PI). The PIN Education Committee works to identify the education needs of both CAH quality coordinators and the staff they work with. The Committee then provides targeted resources to meet those needs. The Committee has developed the power points on this page to support providing education to facility staff about PI.

Education Presentations

Region 5 Trustee Meeting (April 2014)


How can CAHs Survive & Thrive in Tomorrow’s Healthcare Environment (Part 1)
How can CAHs Survive & Thrive in Tomorrow’s Healthcare Environment (Part 2)
Geoff Kaufmann, Regional CEO, American Red Cross

A Structure for Transparency & Executive Performance
Paul Schultz, Infinite Leap

Patient Satisfaction & Service Excellence Starts in the Board Room and Ends with You
Michelle Rathman-Batschke, President & CEO, Impact Communications

Region 3 Trustee Meeting (April 2013)


Creating Quality Literacy
Colleen Roylance, Director of Quality & Education, Mountain Pacific Quality Health

Components of an Effective Quality Program with an Overview of National Quality Initiatives
Darlene Bainbridge, President, D D Bainbridge & Associates

The Board’s Role in Engaging Leadership & Medical Staff in Performance Improvement
Michael Pugh, President, MdP Associates, LLC

Quality, Reimbursement & CAH Existence
Eric Shell, CPA, MBA Principal, Stroudwater Associates