Lean- Rapid Improvement Events Internship

The Lean Healthcare Rapid Improvement Event Internship is a partnership of the MT Flex Program and the Montana State University Industrial & Management Systems Engineering (MSU-IMSE) Program.  MSU-IMSE Program provides two interns to conduct rapid process improvement projects at eight Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) across Montana.  The interns will spend two weeks at each selected CAH to implement a pre-determined and focused process improvement project selected by each facility under the direction of an appointed hospital contact and the CAH CEO.  The interns’ work will be supervised and coached daily by a graduate of the MSU-IMSE program with experience in Lean Healthcare with additional training and consulting provided by MSU-IMSE faculty advisors.  The ultimate goal of the project, when possible, is implementing and testing a solution based on the analysis while the interns are onsite. This is typically the most rewarding and insightful part of the project for interns and facility staff; bridging the theoretical environment with hands on application.  The interns will then conduct a follow-up conference with the appointed hospital contact and the CAH CEO two to four weeks after completing the onsite project.

MT Flex has offered this popular program for seven years and students conducted almost 80 rapid improvement events in many CAHs across the state.

All MT CAHs are eligible to participate in this innovative, successful project where MSU Industrial & Management Systems Engineering student interns conduct two-week rapid improvement events in your facility over the summer months.  Sample projects include improving ER flow, central supply inventory control, assessing radiology productivity, improving OR turnaround times, improving dietary work flow, and pharmacy inventory control..…just to name a few.  This can be a nice compliment to current Lean projects you may already have underway.

The application is simple but careful thought should be given to the project you select. These are 2-week rapid improvement events so projects must be to scale. Existing data is very important. MT Flex, Lean SME Consultant, and MSU Advisors will help scope your project and determine necessary data.

Please contact Jack King, Finance & Operations Program Specialist for more information or questions at 406-457-8016 or [email protected].


2023 Applications have closed.   Applications for 2024 will be opened in February/March 2024.