Elevating Cardiac Care

The 2019 MBQIP to Outcomes (M2O) project is aligning with the Montana Cardiovascular Health (CVH) Program’s Cardiac Recognition Program offering education and training to help meet the criteria of both programs while streamlining the data collection and reporting requirements for both the Flex Program and MT CVH Program.

  • Completion of the M2O program will count as the facility’s Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) quality improvement project as well as helping you meet your PIN Quality Award Criteria!
    • For current participants in the Cardiac Recognition Program– participating in M2O will help facilities meet and maintain cardiac program requirements for the upcoming application in August, 2019.
    • For those who are not currently participating in the program–  M2O will help you prepare for submitting your application in August 2019 and meeting the cardiac recognition award criteria!

Objective:   Improve and expedite the care and safe transfer of Montana’s cardiac patients by assisting facilities in meeting the criterial of the MT CVH Program’s Cardiac Recognition Program which will, in turn, improve MBQIP Outpatient Measure Performance.

Data Collection using one spreadsheet to complete data requirements for both projects.

Montana Cardiovascular Health Program Information

** Regional Workshops “Elevating Cardiac Care… Across the Continuum”: Four locations across the state with education provided by Barb DeBaun of Cynosure Health.

** MHA Health Summit Pre-Session with Simulation in Motion, mobile simulation trucks and coaching by Tawnie Sabin from Abundant Solutions.

Two Webinars and one-on-one coaching calls to assist in project completion

  • Webinar 1:
  • Webinar 2:

Mission Lifeline STEMI Conference for education on best practices to implement:  2019 Montana STEMI Conference

** Poster Presentation Session at MHA Annual Convention

Cardiac Recognition Awards at MHA Annual Convention