CPHRM Prep Course Learning Cohort


  • Commit to attend each scheduled webinar, and if not review the recording.
  • Engage and participate with your peers.
  • Ask clarifying questions.
  • Provide support to your peers.

Introduction to Healthcare Risk Management - 02/10/21

–Bring an example of what Enterprise Risk Management Software (ERM) you use at your facility.
–Read Chapter 3

Clinical/Patient Safety Part 1 - 02/17/21

Homework  Assigned:

  • Finish reading chapter 3 with a focus from page 105 (emergency management) and on.
  • Start reading chapter 4.

Presentation will be completed next week and updated version available for upload.

Clinical/Patient Safety Part 2 - 02/24/21


–Read Chapter 4

Risk Financing - 03/03/21

—-Complete Chapter 4

—-Read SSE – Getting to Zero Article

Feel free to begin reading Chapter 5 if you have time!

Legal and Regulatory - 03/10/21

Read Chapter 5!

Also review Chapter 5 in the Exam Prep Guide for tools!

Health Care Operations - 03/17/21

Mostly got through EMTALA this week!  Discussion ran long, but was beneficial!

Claims and Litigation - 03/24/21

Chapter 6 continued!

Case Law
Medical Malpractice
Claims Management and Negligence
Reporting – required v. optional

Risk Financing - 03/31/21

Session Wrap Up & Exam Prep 4/7/21