New PIN Benchmarking Tool for 2019

New PIN Benchmarking Tool for 2019

New Tool – 1Q 2019 Data

Based on feedback I received, a new tool has been developed and will be used with 1Q 2019 data.    Old tool versions will not be accepted.  For 1Q we will not have online submission, we want to ensure kinks are worked out with the excel file tool first.  I expect online submission to be available with 2Q 2019 data.


Due: June 1, 2019

Find it here:


What changes will I find and why?

  • These changes have been made to improve data integrity and alignment, and reduce opportunities for error when pulling data by making a more streamlined tool.
  • Instructions Tab!   See the first tab for important information and filters.
  • Monthly and Quarterly columns.  You pick!   If you enter data monthly, it will calculate in the quarter column, or you can just enter your quarterly numbers in the quarter column.
  • There is no longer a Core and Additional category as many of these measures compliment and are still important.
  • I have placed measures in the categories of  Acute, Swing, Productivity, et al.  Acute and Swing have a base population noted on their header.
  • Rather than the full definition on the page, I have made a separate sheet that is linked with the “Measures Specifications” column.   You click on Measures Specifications next to the measure and it will take you to the tab with specs and highlight that measure.
  • CAHs that combine swing and acute patient harm data to the HIIN will be asked to separate out in acute and swing for the PIN Benchmarking as I won’t be able to use HIIN data for those.  I have also broken the harm events down between specific events.   This will help with accurate data sharing with the HIIN so  you only have to submit one time.   A reminder, only CAHs that are not in the HIIN, or CAHs that combine their acute and swing events to the HIIN will have to enter this data.   All others should filter the option so we use HIIN data.   Also, MT Flex has included in our scope MBQIP Additional measures that overlap with the HIIN (harm, falls, adverse drug, pressure ulcers) which is why we are aligning so closely.
  • In the excel tool I have include a sheet called “Quarterly Results”.   This sheet will be formatted with the formulas to calculate what is reported out by us.  When data is entered into the “Quarterly Number” column on the tool, this tab will calculate each measure.  My hope is that this can provide a quick and easy review for validation and outliers for the submitter.
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