Video Library

PIN Video Library

The following taped educational programs are available to PIN members free of charge. Hard copies of the program and any accompanying handouts are also available. To order a copy of any of these videos, send an email to Belinda Begger, and indicate if you need VHS or DVD.


Hospital Boards

CAH Regulatory Process Roy Kemp January 2007

What Leaders Really Do Trent Lear, LCSW & Scott Duke February 2008

The Board's Role in Mission and Vision Part 1 of 3 Darlene Bainbridge May 2009

Building an Effective Board Part 2 of 3 Darlene Bainbridge June 2009

Being a New Board Member Part 3 of 3 Darlene Bainbridge July 2009

Engaging Hospital Boards in Quality & Safety Eric Dickson, MD September 2009


Coding Workshops

Basic ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Coding Irene Mueller Spring 2007

Diabetes Mellitus (DM) Pathology & Diagnosis (DX) Coding Irene Mueller January 2008

Basic CPT Coding Irene Mueller February 2008

CPT Evaluation & Management (E/M) & ED Coding Irene Mueller February 2008

Diagnosis Coding Musculo Skeletal System Irene Mueller May 2009

Musculo-Skeletal Procedural Coding Irene Mueller June 2009

Earning a Coding Credential Irene Mueller June 2009

Online links of recordings are available for sessions after 2010. Click here to access.



Drafting Policies & Procedures, Part 1--Alston and Bird November 2003

Drafting Policies & Procedures, Part 2--Alston and Bird November 2003

MHA-CAH Revenue Cycle Management and Business Office Operations