MBQIP: Medicare Beneficiary Quality Improvement Project

The Medicare Beneficiary Quality Improvement Project (MBQIP) is a quality improvement activity under the Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility (Flex) grant program. The goal of MBQIP is to improve the quality of care provided in small, rural Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs).

IMPORTANT: MBQIP is a required activity of the MT Flex Grant. To receive benefits from Flex Grant funds, MT CAHs will need to report all MBQIP measures each quarter. During the 2015-2016 Flex Grant Year, Flex Grant staff will be providing guidance and assistances to all MT CAHs to get to this level of reporting.

MBQIP Checklist:

 1. Check the calendar and submission deadlines pages for upcoming MBQIP due dates
 2. Familiarize yourself with MBQIP and all of the included measures
 3. Register for a Quality Net Account to submit Inpatient & Outpatient Measures using the CART tool to CMS
 4. Enroll and Register for an NHSN account to submit Healthcare Personnel Influenza Immunization data
 5. Select an HCAHPS vendor and begin the HCAHPS survey process
  **Continue to submit your HCAHPS surveys through your authorized vendor!!**
 6. Submit ED Transfer Communication Data directly to the MT Flex Program
 7. Submit Outpatient Measures using CART/QualityNet Outpatient data submission
 8. Submit Inpatient Measure using CART/QualityNet Inpatient data submission
  9. Flex Grant Contact Information
  10. Flex MBQIP Guide Appendix: Data Dictionary, Abstraction Guidelines, Glossary, Missing Data, Population and Sampling, ICD-10 Codes, Medication Tables

MBQIP E-Copy/Ready to print*

-Effective with Q3 2016 case abstraction-

*This document is designed to be printed double sided and is 577 pages. It contains all information in this section of the PIN Website including complete specification manuals and code lists.  There are divider pages placed within the document so you may print then place in the appropriate areas of your binder.   Please discard past versions.