CHNA Statewide Outcomes

Community Health Services Development (CHSD)

CHSD Philosophy:

  • Healthcare is a local affair.
  • Healthcare delivered in rural communities is affordable, high quality, and necessary to the good health of the entire community.
  • Citizens of rural communities/counties should take responsibility for the health of the community.

Effective problem-solving by communities is the most important factor in the survival of rural health services.

Aggregate 2012 - 2014 Statewide CHSD Data

Montana Office of Rural Health (MORH) has compiled all needs assessment data findings from 2012 to 2014 to create an aggregate data set to determine similarities, differences, and to identify healthcare trends across the State of Montana.

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Implementation Plan Fact Sheet

Since rural hospitals often face similar challenges in healthcare access and delivery, MORH has analyzed the top prioritized health needs that Montana CAHs have chosen to address in their implementation plans for their service areas.

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