Montana QI Projects

The Montana Performance Improvement Network (PIN) is building a process improvement infrastructure for its members to build on to the ongoing data collection programs. The goal of this resource is to:

  • Provide our members with a forum to share their PI successes and provide others with resources that led to proven performance improvement outcomes
  • Create network subsets with similar needs and experiences to facilitate easy, relevant resource sharing
  • Facilitate meeting State and Federal Quality Improvement Standards
  • Provide one location for a searchable library of process improvement resources

To meet this goal, the PIN will assist its members in their process improvement activities by creating a database of best practices, promising practices, individual hospital improvement efforts, useful resources, standard operating procedures, data collection and reporting tools, and policies/manuals.


Click here for Montana CAH-QI Projects

Our national partners have launched a new Toolkit just for Critical Access Hospitals! If you need help operationalizing this toolkit or more information, feel free to reach out to More resources about how to utilize the templates included in the toolkit will be coming out shortly.

This toolkit provides a lot of templates that you can utilize for improving internal process and help track real time data.

Quality Improvement Implementation Guide and Toolkit for Critical Access Hospitals
This guide and toolkit offers strategies and resources to help critical access hospital (CAH) staff organize and support efforts to implement best practices for quality improvement. It includes:

  • A quality improvement implementation model for small, rural hospital setting
  • A 10-step guide to leading quality improvement efforts
  • Summaries of key national quality initiatives that align with the priorities of the Medicare Beneficiary Quality Improvement Project (MBQIP)
  • Best practices for improvement for current MBQIP measures
  • A simple, Excel-based tool to assist CAHs with tracking and displaying real time data for MBQIP and other quality and patient safety measures to support internal improvement efforts